Discover Alsace


Due to its proximity with Germany, Alsace is a region marked by its important biculturalism. The architectural, cultural, gastromonic and dialectal estate from the region is the result from a rich and eventful past. Strasbourg, its capital, represents the reconciliation Franco-German and mostly the European Union, hence the common qualification  “european capital”.

The Strasbourg Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church, model of a gothic Architecture. With a maximal height of 142,11 meters, it is the second the second highest Cathedral in France, beaten to it by the Cathedral of Rouen by 8,9 meters. With an annual average of 4 millions visitors, it is the second most visited Cathedral in France. A typical Germanic spire sits on top of the unique bell tower, making the Cathedral distinguishable amongst others.

From July to August, every evening, lights and sounds show are performed to enlighten the Cathedral’s details.

The National Automobile Museum – Schlumpf collection in Mulhouse has the most important automobile collection with more than 500 vehicles. You can see several spaces for the automobile history and its evolution, racing cars or even a room which gathers the most beautiful cars from the 30s. Single visit, in group, guided or educational, you have the choice ! Equiped with a speedway composed of 3 rings, you can discover there shows, parades and animations.

The historical center of Colmar hides more than 1000 eventful european stories. Close to Germany and Switzerland, the old town has been well-preserved with half-timbered houses or Renaissance styles. You also can take a boat ride on the Lauch, going through Petite Venise. A boatdriver will come with you along the visit and will explain Colmar’s history to you. If you like art, you also can visit the Unterlinden museum which exposes different sculptures and paintings dating from the end of the Middle Age and the Renaissance.

The Haut-Koenigsbourg castle in Orschwiller offers a vision of what a fortress looked like in the 15th century in Alsace. Every year, it has more than a half million visiters and is one of the most visited monuments in France. From the castle, you have a panoramic view on the Alsace plain, the Vosges, Forêt-Noire and sometimes on the Alpes. The castle also presents weapons collections from the Middle Age and furnished houses, open to public visiting.

The Alsace’s wine road  “Route des vins d’Alsace” : you can cycle on the bicycle road, do an ecotouristic getaway or even drive on these roads with a bus-cabriolet. It crosses 70 wine-growing villages on more than 170km long. More than 1000 winegrowers open their cellars’ doors for you, their wine ready to be tasted.

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