How to go to Rhenus Sport

How to go to Rhenus Sport

Public transportation

Tramway from Strasbourg’s central station

- Take Tramway C from Gare Centrale to Gravière / Neuhof Rodolphe Reuss station.

- Get off the Tramway C in Republique. Change for Tramway B or Tramway E in Republique (same station) direction Hoenheim Gare or Robertsau Boecklin.

- Get off the Tramway (B/E) in Wacken station or Parlement Européen (E)


Parking are limited next to the Rhenus Sport. We advise you to take other means of transport like bike, tramway/bus or walking

Where to park near the Rhenus
- Parking Coubertin
- Parking “Relais-tram” Robertsau Boecklin
- Parking “Relais-tram” Rives de l’Aar