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By its proximity with Germany, Strasbourg is a city marked by an important bicultural identity. The architectural heritage of the city is the result of a rich history. Moreover, Strasbourg represents the reconciliation between France and Germany and, in a bigger picture, the European Union.

The Strasbourg Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church, model of a gothic Architecture. With a maximal height of 142,11 meters, it is the second the second highest Cathedral in France, beaten to it by the Cathedral of Rouen by 8,9 meters. With an annual average of 4 millions visitors, it is the second most visited Cathedral in France. A typical Germanic spire sits on top of the unique bell tower, making the Cathedral distinguishable amongst others.

From July to August, every evening, lights and sounds show are performed to enlighten the Cathedral’s details.

The Petite France is a historical part of Strasbourg. In the past, fishers, tanners and others used to live and work in this neighborhood. Famous for its half-timbering houses, the zone was destroyed during the Second World War.

The European Institutions are plenty in Strasbourg. The city is the official headquarters of the European Parliament, of the European Council and of the European Court of Human Rights.

L’Office de Tourisme de Strasbourg et sa Région (the Tourisme Office) welcome you every day from 9am to 7pm.

Address : 17 place de la Cathédrale, BP 70020, 67082 STRASBOURG CEDEX.

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