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This 2000 edition marks a real turning point in EuroTournoi’s history as a result of a promise made by Daniel Costantini, official Eurotournoi’s godfather since always, the French Team came to prepare themselves in Alsace for the Olympic Games of Sydney. Moreover, the French Handball Federation (FFHB) has invited its opponents and has so relieved the organizers of the traditional “brainteaser” formation. That’s how Germany, Portugal and mostly the big Russian Team from the 90’s, give the reply to the French.  These same Russians will obtain their 3rd Olympic title a few weeks later in Australia, after winning the 7th EuroTournoi. The formula necessarily changes in this Olympic year because it’s about a group of 4 teams in a “championship” formula where each team meets the other. All encounters take place in the Malteries in Schiltigheim. This edition also marks the end of a cycle because its founding president Vincent Narducci, having professionally retired, quits his position to settle down in the Var. It’s Christian Cugney who replace him.

  • The player on the poster is Christian Gaudin from the French Team
  • Find all the details from this edition on the old site: click here
  • Find more details in the archives of the EuroMag


It’s Russia, future olympic champion, which is ranked 1st ahead of Germany, France and Portugal.

Best player: Aleg Khodkov (Russia)
Best goalkeeper: Carlos Ferreira (Portugal)
Best scorer: Eduardho Coehlo (Portugal) 17 goals

Games in details

Wednesday 30th August 2000

France 30  –  Portugal 16

Malteries Hall in Schiltigheim. Half-time: 16-8. About 1 500 spectators. Refeering from MM. Klucso and Lekrinszy (Hungary). Out for 2 minutes: G. Gille (26th), Girault (28th), Burdet (41st) and Dinart (57th) for France ; Andorhino (26th), Tchikoulaev (28th and 57th), T. Silva (29th), Tavares (39th) et Gomes (47th) for Portugal. FRANCE: Gaudin (1st-30th, 6 saves) et Martini (31st-60th, 10 saves). Dinart 1, Burdet 2, G. Gille, B. Gille 7, Kervadec 1, Anquetil 2 pen., Golic 2, Girault 3, Wiltberger 3, Joulin 3, Richardson, Cazal 6. PORTUGAL: Morgado (1st-30th, 8 saves including 1 penalty), Ferreira (31st-60th, 9 saves), Galambas 1, Andorhino 3 (1 penalty), T. Silva 1, Coelho 4 (3 penalties), Costa 1, Araujo, Povoas 1, Tavares 1, Gomes 2, Vieira 2, Lopes, Tchikoulaev, R. Silva.
Wanting to do well for its last tournament in France before flying for the antipodes, France didn’t miss its entry in the EuroTournoi. Relying on a very effective defense, the Blues pushed the opposing attack to the fault. The Portuguese led well 1-3 at the 5th but Cazal brought out the heavy artillery and with 6 goals on as many shots, proved to be the main goal scorer on set play. Bertrand Gille took care of the finishing of the counter-attacks, finally Marc Wiltberger showed his art by scoring the 7-5 on a chabala. These three players were the most prominent in the beginning of the game as they shared the first 10 French goals. Kiki Gaudin kept his goal untouched from the 16th to the 27th minute, his teammates increased the score from 8-6 to 14-7 during the same period and then 16-8 at halftime. The Tricolores on their momentum wanted to push the nail in the resumption. But a bit of precipitation and of deconcentration made the French to harvest a few occasions to take back Daniel Costantini’s expression at the end of the game. Despite this, the gap did not go below 6 goals (20-14, 43©). Bruno Martini stood guard in the cage. Andorhino et Coelho were the only Portuguese to really mark with their attacks. However, everything was quickly back in order: the Blues finished at 30-16 thanks to Joulin and the inevitable Bertrand Gille. Bobo finishing with a nice 6/7.

Germany 25   –   Russia 25

Malteries Hall in Schiltigheim. About 2 000 spectators. Refeering from MM. Garcia and Moreno. Half-time 12-13. GERMANY: Holpert (1st-30th, 5 saves) and Fritz (31st- 60th, 7 saves). Bezdicek 1, von Behren 3, Wenta 2, Immel, Schwartzer 4, Petersen 1, Zerbe 3, Baur, Lakenmacher 4, Roos 5, Kunze, Kehrmann 2. RUSSIA : A. Lavrov (1st- 30th, 5 saves) and Soukosian (31st-60th, 5 saves) at the goal. I. Lavrov, Koulintchenko 2, Kokcharov 3 (1 penalty), Krivochlykov 2, Voronine, Toutchkine 4, Koudinov 2, Kouselev 1, Torgovanov 8, Khodkov 1, Rastvortsev, Pogorelov, Fillipov 2.
After the French-Portuguese game came the BIG game of the evening. Germany and Russia, the two contenders for the Olympic medal and are made up of players who know each other perfectly since eleven Russian play in Bundesliga. Both teams were evenly matched throughout the entire first-half: 2-2 (4th), 4-4 (6th), 7-7 (16th), 9-9, 10-10 (24th) et 12-12 (29th) which will be the last tie of these 30 minutes. The gap will never exceed 2 goals and the team which is behind managed to overcome it each time. Kokgharov on penalty give one goal ahead to his team at the half-time. (12-13). Torgovanov (4) on the russian side and Lakenmacher (3) for Germans, were the two most prolific players. Helped by an uncompromisng defense, players from across the Rhine brought the gap to 3 then 4 goals (21-17, 45th). Bernd Roos (5 goals in total) was doing his festival on the German right wing while the Russians, often at the limit of the refusal of play, didn’t score anymore between the 39th and 45th minutes. It’s Krivochlykos who finally beat an imperial Fritz. Knowing some unusual losses of balls for them, the teammates of Andreï Lavrov let their opponents take a significant advantage: 25-19 (54th). However, this advantage is not enough. But as vice-champions of the world in title they have a standing to defend. It was precisely the defense that was the basis of the Russian comeback. Their 0-6 culminated at 2 meters and turned Soukossian’s cage into an impregnable fortress. Germans didn’t goal anymore. Torgovanov (8 goals in total on 8 shots…) signed the equalization with some tens of seconds of the end…

Thursday 31st August 2000

FRANCE 19   –   Germany 21

Malteries Hall in Schiltigheim. Half-time ; about 2 000 spectators. Refeering from MMme†. Maric and Gardinovacki (Yugoslavia). Out for two minutes : for France ; for Germany. FRANCE : Gaudin (1st – 30th, 2 saves) and Martini (31st – 60th, 6 saves, including 1 penalty.) at the goals. Fernandez 1, Burdet 2, Dinart 1, G. Gille 3, Kervadec 2, Anquetil 1, Golic 2, dont 1 penalty., Girault, Wiltberger, Joulin 4 including 1 penalty, Richardson 2, Cazal 1. GERMANY : Holpert (1st – 60th , 11 saves) and Fritz at the goals. Bezdicek, von Behren 2, Wenta 3, Immel, Schwarzer, Petersen, Zerbe, Baur 2, Lakenmacher 2, Roos 3 including 1 penalty, Kunze 6, Kehrmann 3.
After the Portugese, France confronts the Germans. From the start, it was clear that the German defense was going to be quite indigestible for the French without Bertrand Gille, injured in the calf. The defenses took precedence over the attacks and the first goal of the game was scored only in the 4th minute by Petersen. It was Gregory Anquetil who placed the first winning shot for the French (1-2, 11th). Numerous approximate passes and misunderstandings in attack prevented the men of Daniel Costantini to make the junction in the score. Bernd Roos continued the momentum of the game against the Russians and Jan Holpert didn’t let anyone shoot a goal in his cage. Germans through  Wenta and Lakenmacher, the latter on kungfu, kept a significant at the break: 6-11. At the beginning of the second half-time, the French seemed to be in their best period. Unfortunatly, they had several times -2 or even -1 balls (55th). The Blues had the weapons to return but did not know how to exploit them. Bruno Martini was able to save a penalty shoot from Roos, but the ensuing attack came to nothing. Kunze (5 goals in the 2d half-time) kept the French away (19-21, final score). Daniel Costantini was very disappointed after the game: “I can’t sort it out. I don’t know if it’s psychologically that we failed or in the technical-tactical field. There’s questions we have to ask ourselves about these endemic deficiencies.” There’s one game left to recover : the one against the Russians Saturday.


Malteries Hall in Schiltigheim. Half-time 15-13. Refeering from MM. Kalin and Koric (Slovenia). RUSSIA: A. Lavrov (30 minutes, 3 saves), Soukossian (5 saves including 1 penalty) and Chtchevelev (8 minutes, 3 saves) at the goals. I. Lavrov 2, Koulintchenko 3, Kokgharov 4 penalties, Krivochlikov 2, Voronine 4, Toutchkine, Koudinov 2, Kouzelev, Torgovanov 4, Khodkov 3, Rastvortsev 2, Gorpichine, Filippov 2. PORTUGAL : Morgado (30 minutes, 3 saves) and Ferreira (30 minutes, 9 saves) at the goals. Galambas 1, Andorhino 8, T. Silva, Coelho 7, Costa 3, Araujo, Tavares, Gomes 2, Vieira, Lopes 1, Tchikoulaev, R. Silva 1.
The Russians, as always, were content to manage, last night, against a Portuguese team that had not weighed much, the day before against France. The Lusitanians started the game at best (1-4 at the 5th) before Koulintchenko and Kokgharov came into play, the Russians taking the lead at the end of the first quarter of play (6-5). The Portuguese took the lead for the last time in the game at the 25th (11-12) but Russia had much more striking arguments than Javier Cuesta’s team. And it was not going to take long to prove it, even if it only had a two-goal lead at the break (15-13).The second half was to be of a different calibre. The Russians, dominating, regularly increased the gap, the time-out requested by the Portuguese coach didn’t change anything (21-15 at the 37th). The rest is anecdotal despite a last stand by Carlos Ferreira and Andorhino (8 goals). Not enough to challenge the Russian’s superiority.

Saturday 2nd September 2000

Germany 23   –  Portugal 24

Malteries Hall in Schiltigheim. Half-time : 13-11. About 2 000 spectators. Refeering from MM. Klucso and Lekrinsky (Hungary). Out for two minutes : Von Behren (14th, 36th), Bezdicek (15th), Kretzschmar (57th), Schwarzer (58th) and collective (59th) for Germany; Costa (9th, 28th), Lopes (39th, 50th), Gomes (41th, 58th) for Portugal. GERMANY: Holpert (56th-60th, 2 saves) and Fritz (1st-56th, 7 saves) at the goals. Bezdicek, von Behren 2, Wenta 3, Kretschmar 2, Immel 1, Schwarzer , Petersen 1, Zerbe , Baur 4 (including 2 penalties), Lakenmacher 5, Roos 5 (including 3 penalties), Kunze , Stephan , Kehrmann . PORTUGAL : Morgado (1st-30th, 9 saves) and Ferreira (31st-60th, 7 saves) at the goals. Galambas 3, Andorhino 4, T. Silva , Coehlo 6 (including 3 penalties), Costa 4, Araujo , Tavares , Gomes 5, Vieira , Lopes , Tchikoulaev 2, R. Silva.
The portuguese surprise. Defested successively by France (30-14) then by Russia (28-23), Portugal has created THE sensation by beating Germany yesterday afternoon (24-23). Malteries Hall entirely devoted to its cause. Before France and Russia went into action for what was to be the EuroTournament final, Germany faced Portugal, with first place at stake. With Kreschmar and Stefan, who were absent until then, the Germans showed their intentions from the start. But Portugual, as always, started the game at 100% of their energy. The difference with the previous days is that yesterday they were not going to let go as the minutes passed. Even though they were down by two goals at the break (5-5, 8-8, 10-10 mais 13-11), Portugeuse seemed to create a surprise. And they were going to show it at the beginning of the second period. Led by Andorhino, Coehlo and Gomes (15 goals between them), they held off the Germans, taking the lead with eight minutes to go (19-20). The Germans, in numerical inferiority during the last three minutes (on some blunders of the bench more than because of an uncontrolled aggressiveness) were not going to reverse the trend.

France 23   –  Russia 26

Malteries Hall in Schiltigheim. Half-time 10-12. About 2 000 spectators. Refeering from MM. Kalin and Koric. Out for two minutes : Kervadec (48th) for France ; Kokcharov (1st) et Pogorelov (23rd) for Russia. FRANCE : Gaudin (1st-30th, 6 saves including 1 penalty) and Martini (31st-60th, 8 saves) at the goals. Fernandez 4, Dinart, Burdet 1, B. Gille 4, Kervadec 3, Anquetil 2, Golic 5 (3 penalties), Girault, Wiltberger, Joulin, Richardson 3, Cazal 1. RUSSIA : Chtchevelev, A. Lavrov (the whole game, 13 saves) et Soukossian at the goals. Rastvortsev, Filippov, Gorpichine, Khodkov 9, Kockcharov 8 (2 penalties), Koudinov, Koulintchenko 2, Kouzelev 1, Krivochlykov, I. Lavrov, Pogorelov 1, Torgovanov 2, Toutchkine 1, Voronine 2
Russia won yesterday the 7th EuroTournoi Strasbourg in the Malteries Hall. More solid, more complete and more inspired, Andrej Lavrov and his team showed the French team that their status of favorite in Sydney was not usurped. Almost everything has been said and written about Andrej Lavrov, the most French of Russians. Lavrov the octopus, the tentacular Lavrov. The mythical goalkeeper of the USSR, CIS and now Russia, the two-time world champion and two-time Olympic champion, has won almost everything. Everything has been said about this man and yet he is still talked about. Yesterday, against a French team much more attractive than against Germany, Andrej struck once again. And to think he still hasn’t found a club this season.
The words of the defenders
We understood it, Andrej Lavrov made the misfortune of the tricolour formation last night. Leader of an impressive Russian team of power and intelligence, the former teammate of Philippe Schaaf in Livry-Gargan then in Niederwurzbach spent his time to disgust the French shooters. The latter had started this game as expected, two days after their very small outing against Germany. Applied, voluntary and, undoubtedly, also pricked to the quick, the Tricolores thus made the race in head during 20 minutes (5-5). In a game all turned to the defense, Didier Dinart and his team had then made equal game with the Russians. It was solid against solid…
Khodkov in the heat
Lavrov put some effort and the Russians to whom it is decided not to make any gift, placed a 0-3 which left the French to two goals (7-9 then 10-12 at the half-time). They would never recover. In lack of backs (in 45 minutes, they scored only one and very small goal at mid-distance), Greg Anquetil and his team were going to give themsleves a little hope at the beginning of the second half-time (11-12). The work of undermining started by the Russians for a little more than 30 minutes was however going to be fatal to them. Especially since Aleg Khodkov has set out to prove he was much better than an understudy of Vassili Koudinov. At the end, it’s a 9 out of 10 for the player Gummersbach and the French were only left with their eyes to cry because of the Russian technique which exceeded theirs (11-16 at the 38th)
A burst of pride
When Fernandez finally decided to take his responsilities, the public of the Malteries began to believe again (17-22 but 20-23 at the 55th), Martini rising to the level of the opposite that we know… But by chasing the score too much, by trying too hard against a Russian team reciting its lesson to perfection, the French were once again exposed. And despite a final close at 22-24 with just under two minutes to go, they had to concede defeat. Facing stronger, more complete and, obviously, more confident. Two days after the German disaster, Daniel Costantini’s team lost a second time in this EuroTournament. However, it has reassured its supporters somewhat. She has, at least, shown that she can hold her own against the best. It remains to prove it in Sydney..

THEY ARE SIX IN STRASBOURG : Six of the fifteen players of the French team arrived Saturday afternoon, Wiltberger, Richardson, Cazal, the Gille brothers and Girault. The technical staff is also on the spot and all this beautiful world tasted a tart flamed in a village of the Strasbourg area. As usual, a kind of pilgrimage…
BEAUTIFUL WORLD : L’IHF, the International Handball Federation will be represented in force a few days before the Olympic Games since besides Raymond Hahn, its Alsatian secretary general, many responsible of this venerable institution will be present in Strasbourg.. As well as Hassan Mustapha the president of the Egyptian and African federations, invited by the IHF.
UNHAPPY: Daniel Costantini, the national coach, and Philippe Bana, the DTN, are not very satisfied with the obligation made to the Montpellier players to play two friendly matches with their club in the middle of the Olympic preparation, and especially, just before the publication of the final list of the 15 players retained for Sydney. There is always a risk of injury
DAD : Didier Dinart was absent when the blue team returned to Vittel for their second training camp. The pillar of the French defense had some good reasons not to be at the meeting. Mrs gave birth to a little Devon-Gabrielle last Wednesday. He got two extra days off to enjoy the event and get his daughter used to a daddy she won’t see very often these days. As for the measurements, the 48cm and 3 kilos make us think that she is more like the mother… Congratulations to the whole family.

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